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Open SSH tools for Windows - works in all CLIs.


Open SSH tools for Windows. This is the Microsoft PowerShell Team’s recent port. Works in all CLIs and does not require .NET. Includes the following tools: * ssh.exe * ssh-add.exe * ssh-agent.exe * ssh-keygen.exe * ssh-keyscan.exe * ssh-keysign.exe * ssh-pkcs11-helper.exe * scp.exe * sftp.exe * sshd.exe (server) * sftp-server.exe

  This package performs the following operations that you normally have to hack at until you get what you want:
  * Install Appropriate Bitness for the version of Windows
  * Install to Program Files (malware protection and following advice of dev team)
  * Add SSH location to System PATH
  * Optionally install sshd windows service (Requires parameter - see below)
  * Optionally install sshd server "key based authentication" (Requires parameter - see below)
  * Cleanly uninstall all of the above (removing config files and server keys requires special switch - see below)

  The package also attempts to keep you out of trouble when configuring the sshd service:
    * Will not install sshd server if an different sshd server is already running
    * Will not delete server keys on uninstall or reinstall (unless you override with switch below)
    * Will not upgrade or uninstall if the service is running and you did not specify /SSHServerFeature (you forget about the service on a machine where you want to upgrade the client tools)
    * If you use the server's Key Based Authentication feature, install and uninstall behave differently to account for the integration of this component

  This package supports the following parameters:

  -params '"/SSHServerFeature"' (Install and Uninstall)
  Also install sshd Windows Service - including opening port 22.
  If this parameter is not included on an upgrade or uninstall and
  the sshd server is installed - an error is generated.  You must
  use this switch to indicate you have made preparations for the
  sshd service to be interrupted or removed.

  -params '"/SSHAgentFeature"'
  Installs SSH Agent Service even if SSHD Server is not being installed.
  Requires admin rights to configure service.
  This option is automatically set when /SSHServerFeature is used.

  -params '"/SSHServerFeature /SSHServerPort:3834"'
  Allows the setup of the SSH server on an alternate port - sometimes done for security or to avoid conflicts with an existing service on port 22.

  RETIRED: -params '"/KeyBasedAuthenticationFeature"'
  NO LONGER NECESSARY - KeyBasedAuthentiation is always configured
  if the /SSHServerFeature switch is used.

  -params '"/SSHServerFeature /DeleteServerKeysAfterInstalled"'
  Also install sshd Windows Service - including opening port 22 and
  it with Key Based Authentication (reboot required before active)
  Server keys are deleted after added to the ssh-agent (you will not have an opportunity to copy them)

  -params '"/SSHServerFeature /DeleteConfigAndServerKeys"' (Uninstall)
  By default an uninstall does not remove config files nor server keys.

  -params '"/UseNTRights"'
  By default the install uses PowerShell code that works on operating systems that cannot run the 32-bit ntrights.exe (Nano, Server Core w/out WOW64).
  If this code does not work for you, you can use this switch to invoke the 32-bit ntrights.exe
  Please be aware that 32-bit ntrights.exe will NOT work on Windows Systems that doe not have WOW64 installed - this would mainly
  affect Server Core where this feature is optional and not installed by default and Server Nano where 32-bit is not supported.


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